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3 Things You Can Have By Being A Socially Responsible Person

We are moving towards a more conscious, socially aware society that values ethical environmental and civic behavior. We know that even our most basic choices affect other people and the environment. Corporations are recognizing this too, shifting towards social responsibility. Thanks to corporate social responsibility, corporations are integrating ethical environmental and moral practices into their business models. This creates a win-win situation, helping consumers make sound and ethical decisions for a better future.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) gives us the ability to help people all over the world while simultaneously helping the planet. CSR remains a growing trend among both big businesses and localized businesses, as accountability and environmental impact represent central tenants within business practices and models. Companies also continue to grow in profit and popularity, as our purchases tell companies directly that we want more socially responsible businesses!

If your choices are responsibly aware we give our Corporate brothers and sisters the power to make these changes for us:

  1. GREAT HEALTHY ORGANIC FOOD EVERYWHERE FOR EVERY BODY: choose to define how we eat. Let’s see the Chipotle Model: living up to its standards of ‘food with Integrity.’ When Chipotle found one of its biggest pork suppliers with inadequate conditions for its pigs, the company stopped doing business, citing the condition that its standards must be applied. Then, it went a step further to tackle GMOs by using only non-GMO ingredients. Here’s a corporation thinking not only about profits but mostly about the quality of the food, raising the bar on what is health. We appreciate how the corporation is responding to its customers with time, effort, and care to ensure quality.
  2. AN ORGANIC NON TOXIC LIVING WAGE FOR ALL: Improve working environments. It’s so important to make enough money to surpass your basic needs and feel the comfort of security. Corporations hire people all over the world for labor and they can also ensure fair working conditions. Certifications like Fair Trade do just that, so that consumers and global citizens can support one another from all over the world. So do businesses.
  3. ENSURING A PLANET TO LIVE ON FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS: Bring us eco-friendly products! Companies like Seventh Generation support super healthy environments, providing chemical free and sustainable profits, made and delivered to minimize its environmental footprint. The San Francisco based company Method Products is also incorporating green business practice and sustainable development into its new Chicago factory, creating a super-green manufacturing facility. It’s equipped with a wind-turbine, solar panels, an urban rooftop garden, and much more for optimal sustainability! When we choose green products like these, we too support ethical and environmental practices with huge impacts.

The movement towards healthy living and sustainable practices keeps growing, and it’s really gaining international popularity. Our voices and consumer power continue to be heard, evident by the corporate and governmental shifts to meet the needs of the people. We have instrumental voices vis-à-vis our purchasing power; we can dictate corporate changes! The shift towards Corporate Social Responsibility is taking control of the market. Even the annual Universal Exposition, currently with 160 countries as members within the organizing body of Le Bureau International des Expositions, has the 2015 theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” There are over 140 nations participating to raise awareness about the collective need for sustainable food sources and food security. Companies all over the world are hearing our needs for a better tomorrow. Grassroots activism, concerned individuals, and international events are all supporting the growing sustainable health revolution. Our time is now!