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Hope For The Future: 8 Earth Saving Inventions By Teens

Meet eight inspired, dedicated teens, from around the world, who are spending their time and energy to create new things to make a better world for everyone. From turning banana peels into functional plastics, to removing harmful material from our oceans, plus six more amazing discoveries, we are in awe of these teens’ innovations!

(Each title is a link to more information about the teen and their invention.)

1.) Clean Car Exhaust

In high school, Param Jaggi invented an algae-filled device that fits over a car’s tailpipe and turns carbon dioxide into oxygen.

2.) Ocean Clean Up

19-year-old Dutch Boyan Slat designed a cleanup array, which can remove all garbage from the world’s oceans in 5 years.

3.) Catalyst Turning Plastic Into Biofuel

16-year-old Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad found a catalyst, which could turn waste plastic into biofuel worth $78 million

4.) Pee-powered Generator

Four 14- and 15-year old girls from Nigeria created a renewable energy generator, which could provide 6 hours of power using 1 liter of urine.

5.) Quantum Space Propulsion System

19-year-old Aisha Mustafa created the system, which could send a rocket in space using only a drop of fuel.

6.) Solar Tree Design

13-year-old Aidan Dwyer utilized Fibonacci sequence to produce a solar tree design, which generates up to 50% more power than an equivalent flat solar array.

7.) Bioplastics From Banana Peel

16-year-old Elif Bilgin from Turkey managed to turn waste banana peel into non-decaying bioplastic through a self-developed chemical process.

8.) Solar Water Purification System 

14-year-old Deepika Kurup invented a purification system powered by solar energy in her own backyard. The idea for the invention was triggered by seeing Indian children drinking from a pool of stagnant water.

There are many more young people contributing to the future of this planet and we are grateful to all of them! There is indeed hope for the future!