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About Saarman Construction


Saarman Construction, Ltd. is a recognized leader in the reconstruction, rehabilitation, and improvement of existing and occupied properties in Northern California and Hawaii. With an experienced team, a full range of competencies and committed leadership, Saarman is well equipped to handle anything from small touch-up jobs to multimillion-dollar overhauls. We work on historic buildings as well as brand-new construction projects; we believe no one must live with defective structures. We identify the problems, implement the best solutions and get the job done right.

We provide each client (YOU) with the same commitment to the highest level of workmanship by maintaining our focus on the basics; quality – integrity – certainty!

Our History

In 1982, Paul “No Problem” Saarman incorporated Saarman Construction, Ltd. with sons Steve and Jeff. Starting with humble beginnings like most small family businesses, Saarman Construction grew their business and reputation one project at a time. 40+ years later, the quality, integrity and certainty of the Saarman way has led to an over 200-person strong Construction firm. Saarman Construction provides each of their clients a commitment to the highest level of workmanship by maintaining focus on the basics; Quality workmanship – Integrity in business – and the Certainty of getting the job done right! The team at Saarman Construction is proud in how they plan, communicate, and execute projects. Saarman Construction provides a no-nonsense approach to reconstructing, resyndicating, revitalizing and maintaining the apartments, condominiums, homes, and commercial spaces we work on. With their “No Problem!” attitude, longevity of staff experience and layers of supervision at every step of a project, Saarman Construction is surely the premier team to consider for your project.

Our Reputation

Saarman Construction, Ltd. is proud to be known as the Bay Area’s premier contractor for the rehabilitation of existing communities. We are uniquely equipped to offer buildings a second chance to age with grace.

We see each of our clients and each of their projects as an opportunity to prove ourselves, bringing together first-day-at-work optimism with our extensive construction experience. Our three decades of client service makes us extremely sensitive to Your needs. We quality-control every procedure with precision, bringing our enthusiasm for tackling challenges head-on.


This business is built on problem-solvers. With our thoroughly trained and educated team members, your project is in good hands.

We practice and advance environmental stewardship


Saarman recycles, repurposes, and reuses as much as possible to reduce what we are required to throw away. We actively sort as much job site debris as possible for recycling. If we find something useful, like any “reusable” glass windows, doors, fixtures, or timber, we donate it or repurpose it.

Hybrid & Electric Cars

Trimming our carbon footprint has led us to incorporate hybrid and electric vehicles into our fleet. The initiative started in 2003. We’ve even exchanged several of our light-duty trucks for hybrid cars! We have experienced amazing results in gas mileage, and time management; plus, we contribute to cleaner air.

Environmental Impact

We see the necessity of active environmental stewardship so that the earth continues to flourish for generations to come. Saarman recycles, reuses, and reduces our waste wherever and whenever possible. We set high standards for ourselves in the area of environmental responsibility — striving for performance that does not merely comply with regulations but exceeds them.

Over the coming years, we will continue to expand our environmental stewardship initiative. We are dedicated to resource and energy sustainability because we care about the planet and the buildings we rehabilitate.

Business Accreditations

We are proud members of the following organizations:

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