The Saarman Team

We’ve been around a long time. We do our best to have the best team out there.

Being a part of Saarman is being part of a team, and our team attracts the most talented, committed team members in the construction industry.

When you’re the best, the best wants to work with you. We put these team members to work on Your buildings, Your projects.

We have team members from every background, a whirlwind of personality, and we make sure that everybody has the space to lend their skills, passion, and creativity to everything You might want them to do.

Our team members, on average, have been with Saarman more than 12 years (well above the industry average). We’ve always thought that good work comes from happy people, and happy people stick around.

On our team — in our family — the standard is high-quality workmanship, consistent results and most important, not just meeting Your project’s goals but surpassing them!

President, Chief Financial Officer, Principal

Ben Tsai

Vice President of Operations, Principal

Henry Wong

Vice President of Estimating, Principal

David Saarman

Vice President, Principal

VP of Purchasing, General Superintendent, Partner

General Superintendent, Partner

General Superintendent, Partner

Jeff Lewis

Director of Testing & Maintenance, Partner

General Superintendent, Partner

Venancio Luna

General Superintendent, Partner

Member of Board of Directors