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Building Safer Structures: Structural Repair Does Not Mean Demolish And Rebuild

Property owners often put off structural repair projects because they are afraid they’ll be faced with total demolition and rebuilding of the structure. We’re very happy to say this is not necessarily the case. We completed a large condominium project in Santa Rosa that involved the structural strengthening of a complex that included 29 homes, one common house, one guest room and exercise building, and a workshop building. Here is a breakdown of the project scope:

Failed Decking

Unprotected wood decking takes a lot of elemental damage from both the sun and rain. The sun’s UV rays beat down on the planks and cause them to become brittle. Rain hits them and they soak it up like a sponge. Rainwater causes mold, mildew, insect invasion, and rot; eventually this cycle repeats until the deck becomes structurally unsound and
dangerous. We were able to repair the failed decking before anyone was injured.

Structural Wood Member Replacement

The structural integrity of the buildings was at risk due to time and water damage. We replaced several beams and ensured that they were properly in place and ready to withstand the structural pressures and even that of an earthquake. Replacing structural wood members takes skill and experience, and is a job that should be trusted to only the most responsible and experienced construction team and their companies.

New Flashings

Flashing refers to the materials installed to redirect water from structural joints that may otherwise allow water penetration over time. Flashing is generally used around the base of a chimney, gable, or sharp roof angle change. In this situation, new flashings were installed to redirect water away from areas that had already been damaged and replaced.

Failed Stucco

Water damage is the primary reason stucco fails. Water damage to the project in Santa Rosa had caused the stucco to crack and flake off, leaving it looking less than desirable. We were able to replace the stucco and ensure that it can withstand elemental damage after we replaced the failed decking and weakened structural members.

Failed Waterproofing

Waterproofing is an integral part of the building process. Wood-built structures are always susceptible to water damage and must be protected. Agents used in the waterproofing process take damage over time and must be reapplied to ensure proper protection. These structures had taken water damage, so we had to repair damages and then waterproof the entirety to ensure it is protected.

This project was quite large and required us working hand in hand with Solv Architecture Studios’ Principal Architect, Matthew Cardle, as well as, our own very capable and experienced building crew. The structural integrity of this co-housing complex has been repaired. We didn’t have to demolish and rebuild the entire structure in order to replace structural members or rebuild the decking, thereby, saving the association a whole lot of money.

Saarman Construction is located in San Francisco and we provide reconstruction, maintenance, and seismic retrofitting services throughout the surrounding areas.

Our company was built on the motto “No Problem” and we still stand by that level of service today. We are always looking for new and challenging projects in which to apply our services and expertise. Call us at 415-749-2700 any time you are in need of reconstruction, seismic retrofitting, or any of our other services; we’ll apply our “No Problem” motto and help out in any way we can.