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Our Company Picnic: Building Community

This year, our 25th annual picnic took place in Point Richmond so that we could enjoy both the park’s beauty as well as its prime location on the bay. The day was sparkling perfect weather – sunshine, not too hot with a lovely breeze. With Mount Tamalpias over our shoulders, the team and their families noshed on Mexican food while, playing soccer, socializing and engaging in our annual Egg Toss.

Saarman’s biggest company asset is our people, and this picnic is one-way show our deep appreciation for each other. It is a time to let everyone know that our teamwork and strivings contribute to our spirit of cooperation and equality. When we are brought together in this way we have lots of fun bonding over food and fun. Morale and team building is a continual thing we have to work at, and this picnic is just one way we at Saarman Construction develop our company community.

At this event we can’t help but learn about our fellow team members: getting a picture what their life is like doing their job and we get to join together playing games. You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. We discover each other’s talents that we might not have known. We also get to know each other’s families. This builds camaraderie, trust and friendship. Something magical happens when we step outside of our routine and spend a few moments sharing a laugh and a story or two!

Below are a few shots of the afternoon. Thanks to all who came and participated, the picnic was only a success because you came! We want to especially thank Darwin, Salvador, Rose, Steve, David, Ray, Ted and Jaime for organizing and setting the tempo for this fun event! There are too many people that helped put this together to mention if we forgot to mention you we apologize in advance. Until next year…