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Energy Conservation Begins At Home: Important Things To Teach Your Children

Energy conservation and protecting our environment begins at home teaching our children to close the refrigerator door, turn the light off when you exit a room, or to use less water while brushing their teeth. Children are never too young to begin teaching energy conservation and social responsibility. Here are a few ways to begin involving your children in some energy saving habits and if you have other great ideas to share with our readers, feel free to share them in the comments section.

  1. Electricity – Electricity use is one of the more expensive aspects of life and homeownership.Teaching children to turn off the lights as they exit a room, and to make sure all electricity-using devices are turned off when not in use. Also you might consider significantly reducing your electricity use one day per week: get the whole family involved and then check the bill together to see the savings!
  2. Visit the Library – Public libraries across the United States are in dire need of visitors because many are at risk of closing. People rely primarily on ebooks, Google, or the simplicity of ordering magazines and having newspapers delivered to their home when they need information on a specific topic. Reduce the amount of paper required for one-time periodicals by borrowing them from the library.
  3. Energy Saving Projects – Home improvement is an ongoing reality of home ownership. It is difficult to stay ahead of the game while living our busy lives. But we all have to deal with issues like caulking the windows, applying weather stripping, and doing basic home maintenance. Allow your children to participate in making your home more energy efficient, through helping you perform the energy saving home maintenance tasks.
  4. Make Energy Conservation a Game – When you are always on the lookout for new ways to save energy, it’s easy to make it a game you play with your children. Be careful, when children learn from you how to save energy, they can become extra vigilant: you may find them scolding you for leaving the water running while you brush your teeth.

Children are our future and informing them of energy conservation measures is just the beginning of our teaching, as they get older we need to bring larger issues to them: ones that involve social responsibility, giving back to community and gentle earth stewardship. At Saarman Construction ALL of these issues loom large within the very fabric of our corporate bylaws: we recycle every piece of metal, wood and plastic from all of our jobs, we give back to our community, we bank  and invest responsibly, we purchase electric or bio-diesel vehicles, we grow food at our recycling center in Richmond and we are mandated within the corporate walls to be huge energy conservationists – nary a light is on in a conference room once the meeting is over. We feel that it is our duty as human beings to find meaningful ways to give back to our community, our city, and our world.

Our business thrives because we are great stewards of the earth and we are great stewards of your projects too: your building will be in great hands with us. Call us at 415-749-2700 to discuss your existing project or to schedule a free consultation for a possible upcoming project.