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Expert Witness & Litigation Support Services In The Bay Area

Expert witnesses are used to provide expert opinions in legal matters. We often work with Attorneys to provide impartial information relating to construction costs, means & methods and alternative designs. Many San Francisco Bay Area Attorneys know that they can rely on the expert opinions we have provided for over 38 years. These years of experience and professionalism on the witness stand provide us with the continuing ability to “exceed your expectations”.

Why would I need an expert witness???

Property owner has a conflict with their Contractor and a resolution cannot be made between the parties involved.

Contractor needs someone to back up their claims of outstanding workmanship, and to protect them from untruthful accusations.

  • “The Never Ending Project” The Contractor has promised several times that we are almost finished but you think they have a long way to go. Workers show up one day but not the next. You find out the workers are not being paid by the Contractor. Suddenly the project stops and you find out the Contractor is bankrupt.
  • “That’s not what I paid for” The project is moving forward but you feel like the quality of the work is not what the Contractor promised during the Contract negotiations. When it starts to rain, you realize their shoddy work is causing leaks and damaging your building.
  • “Hurry up and wait” The project has been moving forward very slowly because the Owner keeps making changes or won’t make timely decisions. The Contractor has been delayed by the Owner and is seeking money for the additional work or to offset the delays caused by the Owner. The Owner refuses to respond to the Contractors request for compensation and locks the Contractor out of the project causing damage to the Contractor’s business.

These are just three examples of cases where we have provided our expertise to help those involved in negotiating a path to resolution. No matter which side of the case you’re on, our Expert Witnesses will help bring the truth to light. We work with Plaintiffs and Defendants equally and also provide Third Party expertise where both sides of a conflict rely solely on our experience and no nonsense approach.

We are a trusted name in the business and construction communities throughout the Bay Area.

Call us to find out how we can help you.