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Investing In The Future

Do you want a cleaner, greener, nicer world? One way is to live green. Another is to invest in clean energy companies that honor both the earth and its inhabitants. Divest yourself of old school oil, gas, dirty energy and companies that have suspect labor practices in your 401k, IRA, annuity, pension, trust and any other “retirement” plan you own.

More than 300 “socially responsible investing” (SRI) funds are on the market, with an estimated $3.7 trillion professionally managed according to Socially Responsible investment principles. The goal of impact investments is to provide not only a financial return, but also a significant, measurable social return. These social enterprises are seeking a “double bottom line” — creating products that are both profitable and benefit communities.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) reflects the desire impact investors and investment funds have to forge a new understanding of what business and finance can do for the world. A growing dissatisfaction with the state of banking and finance today is helping lead this charge, there is a tremendous demand from individuals who are questioning core assumptions of Wall Street, where the trust factor is very low. People are looking for alternatives and ways to align their values with their money.

Recently one of the Saarman’s favorite investments in the SRI sector is (RSF Social Finance). RSF Funds channel money into companies that produce everything from solar lanterns in Africa to sustainable grasslands in Australia. Not only that since 1984, RSF has maintained a 100% repayment rate to their investors. Saarman feels it is important to look at the environmental and social impact of all financial decisions they make both personally and professionally.

Over the last twenty years, ethical and socially responsible investment (SRI) has changed from being just a niche market to becoming a major concern for individuals and institutions. Seeing money differently as a result of looking where your money actually goes and what it supports, empowers individuals to understand this sustainable investing phenomenon. We are hoping for a world where impact investing and social finance are moving to the center of peoples’ lives. After all, we are all on one planet and it is finite, learning how to sustain it is our responsibility.