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Saarman Construction worker fixing doors

Job Description

  • Clean up (debris, nails, screws, etc. daily)
  • Dust protection of units
  • Rough Demolition
  • Install gypboard
  • Tape and texture of all styles
  • Painting procedures
  • Apply stucco and texture all styles
  • Install structural clips and straps
  • Install shear ply wood
  • Install shear gypboard
  • Trenching (Digging with shovels)
  • Hauling (debris, materials, etc.)
  • Denailing
  • Stock material
  • Help carpenters
  • Lifting beams or other objects into place heavier than 100 pounds
  • Implement Safety Standards consistent with Safety Program
  • Begin to purchase your own tools necessary to perform basic carpentry tasks
  • Any other duty which may be assigned from time to time

Begin to blend job related education, skills, and experience to perform the following:

  • Selective demolition
  • Install all thread (epoxy)
  • Install tie downs
  • Install building paper and flashband
  • Flash windows
  • Install sheet metal
  • Install caulking and sealants

Please download a PDF application below. Send your completed application to

English Application

Spanish Application