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New Saarman Mugs & Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our friends, clients, and colleagues! At the beginning of each New Year, we collaborate with Bruce Yelaska from Bruce Yelaska Design to introduce new artwork for our latest Saarman mug that we give to our employees and all of you. This year’s theme is “Guiding Communities to New Heights.” The 2017 mug features buildings in the shape of kites that are soaring to new heights because Saarman guides homeowners associations and apartment building owners through every phase of a construction project. We believe in beginning every New Year with a new positive direction. This tradition helps remind us of our core values (quality, integrity, and certainty) and reinvigorates us as we work toward our goals in 2017. These mugs are available to anyone who wishes to have one. If you would like a mug sent to you, please call (415) 749-2700 and speak with Stephanie.

We are proud to have successfully completed 50+ projects in 2016! Our most recent project is finishing at the end of the month in Squaw Valley. The project comprised of building envelope repairs, cladding, concrete and waterproofing at buildings 4 & 5 in the condominium complex. 15+ Saarman employees resided in Tahoe for over 4 months, battling inclement weather, working hard to finish the project. We partnered with incredible subcontractors, including: Green Wall Tech Inc., Authentic Restoration & Waterproofing, and American Scaffolding. We are thankful to have had some of our best colleagues managing this project, including: General Superintendent Jaime Medina, Superintendent Frank Medina, and Project Manager Jonathan Browning. We are proud of the fantastic job at 22 Station, the Village at Squaw Valley. We look forward to working together again in the future.

We are very excited for 2017, as we anticipate many new exciting projects and opportunities. We hope for a great year for all our friends, clients, and colleagues and we look forward to working together!