Hilton Garden Exterior

Hilton Garden Lobby

Hilton Garden Bathroom

Hilton Garden Exercise Room

Hilton Garden Hot Tub

PROJECT: Hilton Hotel – Six Story – 132 Rooms
LOCATION: Burlingame, CA
Richard Avelar & Associates
COST: ~$12.5M

SCOPE: It started as a grey water bathroom toilet leak with associated mold abatement. Unable to get abatement clearance, other sources of water intrusion were identified: air conditioning unit pans and piping, all windows were installed backwards and commercial first floor windows leaked. Exterior leaks created mold in foam below EFIS and roof installed over non-fire treated plywood required replacement of both systems. Fire rating of vent shafts in bathroom walls were not code compliant. All vent shafts were repaired. Miscellaneous plumbing repairs, interior repairs, new corridor carpets and wallpaper.