Hotel Majestic

PROJECT: Hotel, Historic Landmark Building
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA
ARCHITECT: Malcom Cressy
COST: ~$2M

SCOPE: Built in 1902, originally as an Edwardian Hotel, but years later converted into apartments. Saarman Construction worked with the developer and the San Francisco Historical Society to restore the exterior and interior back to its original grandeur and elegance as a hotel. This project included seismic and structural upgrades to current earthquake codes with extensive foundation modifications. This was quite a challenging retrofit. We needed to support, replace and tie in 4 stories of balloon framing to structural members, support 3 floors of unsupported brick fireplace and install an elevator and fire suppression system. On the interior we replaced the ornate woodwork in the lobby, bar and restaurant. 58 bathrooms with claw foot tubs were remodeled. The entire exterior facade ornamentation, documented from old photos, was caste and installed. After the painting…Majestic!