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Rehabilitation/ Reconstruction

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Rehabilitation Reconstruction

Saarman Construction is dedicated to satisfying the needs of our clients. We believe the best way to do that is to rehabilitate and reconstruct buildings safely, with longevity and health as the highest priority. A methodology that will stand the test of time.


Saarman creates the best revitalized first impression for your occupants and visitors. We want to maximize every precious opportunity to present your building in the best light possible.

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We Care

Saarman takes the time and energy to conduct visual inspections and create recommendation reports on at-risk and aging components unique to your building. We treat your building with the attention to detail and consideration usually reserved for national monuments.

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Replace, Repair, Upgrade

The key visual and structural elements need trained and expert eyes. Like a tailor who can notice problems in a single stitch, Saarman can note which piece of a building needs attention. Sometimes, all a building needs is one or more components renewed, for example, roofs, wood members, metal flashing, stucco, siding, decks, balconies, windows, doors, walkways, access ramps, and crucial structural supports. Improving these details enhances the identity of the building, instilling a greater sense of pride in those who encounter it.

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Buildings hate it. It is any construction project’s natural enemy, so we have taken up arms in the fight against this wet scourge. Our expert team is constantly vigilant against the dangers that water presents – our obsession is to our clients’ benefit. We bring a comprehensive understanding of waterproofing systems, industry standard thermography equipment and years of experience with the principles of water flow management and building design. Your fight against water damage begins with hiring Saarman.

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Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a brainstorming technique we use at Saarman to compare alternative designs and materials that save you money. We know from our long history of providing highly functional buildings at very reasonable costs that thinking through all the project details saves money while still achieving the project’s desired function. We perform value engineering in the preconstruction phase and during production when encountering existing conditions. With our expertise, we often propose joint owner/contractor split savings for implemented ideas.

Other Services

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Litigation Services – Expert Witness and Destructive Testing Support

Saarman Construction is a trusted member of the Bay Area’s business and construction communities. We offer a stellar reputation for providing expert advice and testimony for either plaintiffs or defendants when construction-related information is disputed in court.

Seismic Retrofitting

Seismic retrofitting is about reinforcing your building for safety during earthquakes. Both the quakes you feel and the tremors that you do not. We understand the seismic demand on structures, and it is our endeavor to make every structure we work on structurally sound.

Property Maintenance

Call Saarman for your property maintenance needs. We are building boy scouts, perennially equipped for the very worst deferred maintenance conditions. We provide complete maintenance services from the foundation to the roof and even below grade!