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Seismic Retrofitting

Seismic Retrofitting


Safety Is Our Priority

Seismic retrofitting is about reinforcing your building for safety during earthquakes. Both the quakes you feel and the tremors that you do not. We understand the seismic demand on structures, and it is our endeavor to make every structure we work on structurally sound.

Historic San Francisco Seismic Retrofitting

Saarman’s first major seismic retrofit project was San Francisco’s Hotel Majestic in 1985. This historic 1902 structure was one of the only hotels left standing after the Great Earthquake and fires of 1906. We restored the hotel to its original turn-of-the-century grandeur and elegance. The project was completed under the watchful eye of the San Francisco Historical Society, while making sure to upgrade the structure and supports to modern standards.

“Seismic retrofitting is an integral part of all rehabilitation and reconstruction projects we have performed since 1985. We look forward to bringing your structures into the 21st Century!”

– Quote from the owner of San Francisco Hotel. –
Seismic Retrofitting

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Saarman Construction is a trusted member of the Bay Area’s business and construction communities. We offer a stellar reputation for providing expert advice and testimony for either plaintiffs or defendants when construction-related information is disputed in court.

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