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Value Engineering



Cost-Effective Planning

Value Engineering is a brainstorming technique we use at Saarman to compare alternative designs that may save you money. We know from our long history of providing highly functional buildings at very reasonable costs, that thinking projects through saves money and still achieves the project’s desired function.


Either before we break ground, or in the midst of a project, we can provide our value engineering expertise and often propose a joint owner/contractor split savings for implemented ideas.

Other Services

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Saarman Construction is devoted to satisfying you, our clients. We think the best way to do that is to repair/rehabilitate your buildings safely, with longevity and health as the highest priority. This methodology stands the test of time.

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Seismic Retrofitting

Seismic retrofitting is about making your building safe during earthquakes, both the quakes you feel and the tremors that you don’t. We understand seismic demand on structures, and we endeavor to make every structure we work on sound.

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Litigation Support

As a trusted member of the Bay Area’s business and construction communities, Saarman offers its solid position to provide expert advice and testimony for either plaintiffs or defendants when construction-related information is disputed.

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Saarman is there when you call. We are boy scouts, perennially equipped for the very worst that life has to throw at you. That’s why we provide complete maintenance services from the ground up. Sometimes even below the ground!


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