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We Love Us & You

Yes, we love us; our company, our team, and the families that support our team. We love what we do and all of this love directly helps YOU, our client! At Saarman Construction Ltd., we begin the work of serving our clients internally, by nurturing and cultivating our team so we can support your projects more comprehensively.

Saarman’s company culture is unique in the construction industry; our work ethic and integrity guide our team both in the office and at our jobs sites. We want our employees to be happy working for us and to interact with one another in healthy, productive ways. This nurturing culture attracts the best people for your project, and we do everything possible to retain and cultivate our employees.

Our team culture has 5 main attributes:

  • Safety and Wellbeing: As a construction company, safety on and off the job site is of the utmost importance to us. We also encourage our staff to take care of themselves (sick time, vacation, etc.), enabling us to better care for our clients.
  • Client Service: We aim to create and build teams that are exceptional at working with clients, sub-contractors, and vendors.
  • Trust/Integrity: We empower our employees to trust themselves and always do the right thing, this leads to independent thinkers who help Saarman Construction grow even stronger.
  • Positivity: We promote a sense of achievement, equity, and camaraderie, which we feel are essential for a motivated workplace.
  • Common Goals: At Saarman, we are transparent with our employees about our company goals and vision. This understanding of the company’s larger goals inspires our employees to be part of and taken ownership of a greater purpose.

As in all fields, there are daily struggles and challenges we must overcome in the construction industry. During stressful situations, the strength of our team acts as a support mechanism for all staff. Our colleagues help each other improve daily performance and hone individual skills, improving their professional development. Our team members rely on each other daily, building trust. These bonds are important when the team faces particularly difficult challenges, which are frequent at a construction site.

In September, Saarman Construction hosted its annual company picnic at Great America (see photos below). We feel the benefits of hosting an employee retreat last far beyond a single day of warm weather, great food, fun rides and smiling faces. We want to give back to all of our staff members, but also give our staff a unique opportunity to strengthen and build new relationships with colleagues. By getting to know each other better, our employees are more inclined to ask the right questions to the right people and work in a way that streamlines communication, making our company more efficient and enjoyable.

Nothing is more rewarding than team members who are friendly with one another, and who are both good at and love what they do. No program, activity or strict policy can compete with happy and fulfilled employees who feel that what they do makes an impact. Yes, WE LOVE US, but we love us so we can better serve YOU!